Vacation time is drawing near and the last thing you want is to get settled in and realize you forgot or overlooked essential items you definitely needed. Well, don’t worry, LPG Rentals has got your back. Take a look at this list of products we put together in order to make your packing less stressful.

Here you are, excited, slightly panicked, ready to get this vacation started already and in the middle of brainstorming outfits, toiletries, and necessities large and small. Do yourself a major favor and take a deep breath in and slowly let it out.


Please see below for the list of what we offer as well as what you may want to bring.

We Offer:

Fully Furnished House

Coffee & Coffee Maker

Welcoming Basket

Towels (Beach & Bathroom)

Toilet Paper & Paper Towels

Feminine Supplies

Shampoo & Conditioner (Travel Sized) 

Soap Bars & Cleaning Supplies

Water Toys (In Shed)

Darts & Board

Personal Care

Medicine – Prescription & OTC 

Items For Oral Care

Retainers & Whitening Strips

Deodorant & Perfume/Cologne  

Lotion & Hand Sanitizer

Face & Makeup Wipes

Q-Tips & Tissues


Nail Clippers & Tweezers

Glasses & Contacts

Shower Needs

Shampoo & Conditioner

Face/Body Wash

Luffa/Body Scrubber

Hair Net

Razors & Trimmers

Shaving Cream

Bubble Bath/Foam Soap

Clothes & Shoes

Underwear & Socks


Shorts & Pants

Tank-Tops & T-Shirts 

Covers & Jacket

Dresses & Romper

Heels – Flip-Flops – Running Shoes

Hair Care

Gel/Mousse/Hair Spray

Heat Resistant Spray

Brush & Blow Dryer

Straightener & Curler


On The Water

Sun Block/Aloe & Bug Spray

Bathing Suits & Bikini Cover

Boat & Water Shoes

Hats & Sunglasses

Kids & Baby Floaties 


Phone & Charger

Watch & Charger

Laptop & Charger

Camera & Charger

Tablet (Reading & Games) & Charger

Baby Monitor 




Nail Polish

Drinks & Food

Personal Fan

Baby Necessities

Kid’s Toys (Bathroom & Water)

Personal Water Bottle

It is no surprise that everyone requires different items when vacationing. Here at LPG Rentals, we pride ourselves in doing our absolute best to provide our renters with the highest quality of service.

Please do not hesitate to seek our assistance in any way.